[FOM] Infinitely divisible spacetime?

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> The idea that spacetime really is continuous is very interesting but how
> this square with the common perception that infinite divisibility breaks
> at the Planck scale?  Do we have to attribute this to the fact that
> gravitation and quantum theory have not been reconciled yet?  I am
writing as
> a complete commoner as far as physics goes so if the above comments reveal
> fundamental misconceptions I would like to hear about it.   MK

​  I have often wondered why the common perception you mention persists...
The Planck ​constant and the associated "scale" is a limit on the ability
to measure, not on what is. Many have written on the problem of reconciling
GR and QM and tried to argue for some kind of granularity of space-time,
but that only aggravates the problems.
    Maybe we have been looking in the wrong place to find agreement between
the two theories. Maybe we need to rethink how time is treated in physics.
There is a paper that appeared in Proc. R. Soc. A, vol. 470, no. 2171,
20140283 (2014), *A local-time-induced unique pointer basis* by J.
Jeknic-Dugic, M. Arsenijevic and M. Dugic, that might hint at a nice


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