[FOM] 665: Pi01 Incompleteness/SRP,HUGE/9

Harvey Friedman hmflogic at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 21:07:53 EST 2016

In http://www.cs.nyu.edu/pipermail/fom/2016-February/019538.html I
presented the four main statements.

I didn't quite state the two of the four that are explicitly Pi01,
properly. So I will give a corrected version of
http://www.cs.nyu.edu/pipermail/fom/2016-February/019538.html. The
fixes of the two are simpler than the original incorrect versions.

2,3,4 are at least approaching the magic line. I will be continuing
http://www.cs.nyu.edu/pipermail/fom/2015-November/019360.html  taking
up the notion of "magic line".


LEAD PROPOSITION. For all order invariant V containedin Q[0,n]^k, some
maximal S^2 containedin V is partially embedded by the function p if p
< 1; p+1 if p = 1,...,n-1.

Just remember that partial embeddings use if and only if, and work
within the domain of the partial embedding.

THEOREM 1.1. Lead Proposition is provably equivalent to Con(SRP) over WKL_0.


DEFINITION 2.1. As is standard, the f:A into B are the  functions with
domain A and range containedin B, and the partial f:A into B are the
functions whose domain is contained in A and whose range is contained
in B. We say that f sends A to B if and only if f[A] containedin B and
A containedin dom(f). A function is without x if and only if x is not
a coordinate of any of its arguments or values.

Recall p stands for rationals, and i,k,n stand are positive integers.

DEFINITION 2.2. [n] = {i: i <= n}. For A containedin N, A! = {n!: n in A}.

DEFINITION 2.3. Let R containedin N^k. A fixed point minimizer for R
is a partial f:N^k into N^k, where every f(x) is the
lexicographically least y = f(y) with R(x,y). For sections 3,4, A <=
fixed point minimizer for R is a partial f:N^k into N^k, where
every f(x), x_1 <= ... <= x_k, is the lexicographically least y = f(y)
with R(x,y).

LEAD FINITE PROPOSITION. Every reflexive order invariant R containedin
N^2k has a fixed point minimizer f sending [n]!^k to some A^k
containedin dom(f) intersect dom(f)-1, without (8k)!-1. We can require
that f live below (8kn)!.

Obviously Lead Finite Proposition is explicitly Pi01.

THEOREM 2.1. Lead Finite Proposition is provably equivalent to
Con(MAH) over EFA.

Recall MAH is ZFC + {there exists an n-Mahlo cardinal}_n.


LEAD HUGE PROPOSITION. Every reflexive order invariant R containedin
Q^2k has a <= fixed point minimizer f:A^k into A^k with comparable
nontrivial partial embeddings f_n...n||<n-1.

Here f_n...n is obtained from f by fixing the first k-1 arguments to
be n. f_n...n||<n-1 is the restriction of f_n...n to the domain (-inifnity,n-1).
Comparable means: agrees where both are defined. Nontrivial means not the
identity. (My normal use of | here is for the intersection of f_n...n
with (-inifnity,n-1)^2).

THEOREM 3.1. Lead Huge Proposition is provably equivalent to Con(HUGE)
over WKL_0.


LEAD FINITE HUGE PROPOSITION. Every reflexive order invariant R
containedin N^2k has a <= fixed point minimizer f sending [n]!^k to
some A^k containedin dom(f), with comparable nontrivial partial
embeddings f_j!...j!||<(j-1)!, 8k < j <= n. We can require that f live
below (8kn)!.

THEOREM 4.1. Lead Finite Huge Proposition is provably equivalent to
Con(HUGE) over EFA.


Assuming that this remains the Lead Finite Proposition, it suggests a
number of very interesting weakenings to be investigated. Here are

1. Modifying. the punch line.
1a. Removing "without (8k)!-1}". Certainly provable in PRA, but EFA might
require some thought.
1b. Removing A-1. Should be provable in EFA.

2. Keeping the punch line. Changing n!.
The interesting thing is to make n a function of k. The higher the
function of k that n is, the stronger the statement.
2a. Replace n with k!!. Should be about Z_2.
2b. Replace n with k!...!. r factorials, r outside quantifier Should
be about Z_r, where there are r factorials.
2c. Replace n with k!...!, where there are k !'s. Should be around ZC.
2d. Ackerman function of k. Should be around ZFC.
2e. <epsilon_0 recursive functions of k. Should climb through the
Mahlo cardinal hierarchy.
2f. Probably one has some delicate low level stuff going through
fragments of PA.

But first let's see how long the Lead Finite Proposition lasts. As
usual, I think it will last forever (smile).


To update https://u.osu.edu/friedman.8/foundational-adventures/downloadable-manuscripts/
87. Mathematically Natural Concrete Incompleteness, June 21, 2015, 60
pages. Supersedes 1/15/15, 1/10/15, 1/13/15 versions.

incorporating these substantially improved statements. Will again have
proofs of the statements from large cardinals.

Then get a working manuscript of the reversal for Lead Proposition for
experts, to make sure that it implies Con(SRP), over RCA_0.

I have been exactly here before, but before doing the update, I saw
that I could do better, and the above sections 1-5 is the current

Let's see how I break the potentially infinite loop on this nearing 50
year effort.

My website is at https://u.osu.edu/friedman.8/ and my youtube site is at
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Harvey Friedman

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