[FOM] Sol Feferman has died

Fri Jul 29 04:43:45 EDT 2016

Dear logicians,

I am very sad about the news and would like to share with you one of the
latest Sol papers, with a very personal touch, "A fortuitous year with Leon
Henkin", published in December 2014 in the book "The Life and Work of Leon
Henkin: Essays on His Contributions".

With love, sadly
María Manzano

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> Dear friends,
> I'm writing with sad news. Sol died at home yesterday, July 26th 2016. In
> the last few days, Sol was at peace and did not suffer, though his health
> had declined terribly in such short time. He had all the love and care we
> could provide. While caring for him in his last months, we were trying to
> prepare ourselves for this inevitable day - then, it came weeks sooner than
> expected, taking us by surprise. I now believe he "let go" when he finally
> knew he would not have the hoped recovery - until then he fought for life,
> endured his limitations, and continued to interact with family, friends and
> caregivers.
> Yesterday was one day shy of Anita's 89th birthday, (7/27/1927) even if
> that is sheer coincidence I find it a comforting one. Most of their life
> was together, so, I like to imagine those two at their glorious best,
> celebrating their life, love and accomplishments together.
>  It has meant so much to me and  Sol to hear from each of you over the
> last several months.  The friends and colleagues, relationships developed
> over decades and often over great distances, is something that Sol and
> Anita created, valued and appreciated so much. It's truly a hallmark of
> their mutual life of intellect, spirit and curiosity, and means just as
> much to me- I will try to continue as they did.
> As you may wonder, I have not arranged any memorial services yet, when I
> do will send out an additional message.
> I like this quote right now, for hopefulness and in recognition of lives
> of accomplishment, leaving us so much to ponder...
> "Ars longa, vita brevis".
> With Love, Julie
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