[FOM] 696: Refuting the Continuum Hypothesis?/7

Harvey Friedman hmflogic at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 19:41:23 EDT 2016

This is about a MULTIDIMENSIONAL version of $.


[1] H. Friedman,

$. For all f:R into R, there exist two (distinct) reals, neither being
f at an integral shift of the other.

I now want to look at

$[k]. For all f:R into R, there exist k (distinct) reals, none being f
at an integral shift of the sum of the others.

Thus $ = $[2]. $[1] makes sense, and is equivalent to: for all f:R
into R, there exist a real which is not 0. Hence $[1] is provable.

(I always follow the convention that letters like "k" denote positive
integers, unless indicated otherwise).

I was expecting that for k >= 2, $[k] is equivalent to |R| >= omega_k.
However,, my proofs were completely blocked, which I found
frustrating. Here is the reason.

THEOREM A. $[k] s provable in ZC + notCH.

LEMMA 1. Assume notCH.  Let A,B be subsets of R, where A has
cardinality omega_1, the complement of B has cardinality at most
omega_1, and k in A. There is a real number u such that for all x in A
there exists y in B with kx+y = u.

Proof: Let A,B,k be as given. For each x in A, {kx+y: y in B} has
complement of cardinality at most omega_1. Hence the intersection over
x in A of these sets has complement of cardinality at most omega_1.
Hence by notCH, the intersection over x in A of these sets meets B.
Let u in B lie in this intersection over A. Then for all x in A, u
lies in {kx+y: y in B}. QED

Proof of A: Assume not CH and $[k] is false, for fixed k >= 3. Let f:R
into R be a counterexample. I.e., for any k distinct reals, one is f
at an integral shift of the sum of the others. Below n ranges over Z.

Fix A containedin R with cardinality omega_1. For all x in R, look at
x,x+1,...,x+k-2,y, for varying y outside {x,x+1,...,x+k-2}. For all
but countably many y in R, y is not an integral shift of the sum of
the x's. Hence for all but countably many y, some of x,x+1,...,x+k-2
is some f((k-2)x+y+n). I.e., for each x in A, the exceptional set of
y's is countable. Therefore, the union of the exceptional sets of y's
for the various x in A has cardinality at most omega_1.

Hence we have a set B of reals, with complement of cardinality at most
omega_1, such that for all x in A and y in B, some of x,x+1,...,x+k-2
is some f((k-2)x+y+n). By Lemma 1, fix u such that for all x in A,
there exists y in B such that (k-2)x+ y = u.. Then for all x in A,
some of x,x+1,...,x+k-2 is some f(u+n). Let A' be an uncountable
subset of A no two elements of which differ by an integer. Then we see
that uncountably many reals must be some f(u+n), which is impossible.

LEMMA 2. Assume CH and k >= 2.There exists f:R into R such that for
all reals x_1,...,x_k, one is f at an integral shift of the sum of the

Proof: Assume all hypotheses. Let G_alpha, alpha < omega_1, have the
following properties.
i. G_0 is the set of all rationals.
ii. G_alpha is the divisible additive subgroup of R generated by the
union of the G_beta, beta < alpha, and a single real u_alpha not in
any G_beta, beta < alpha.
iii. R is the union of the G_alpha.

Note that each G_alpha is countably infinite and they form a tower
under proper inclusion.

Fix alpha < omega_1, and suppose we have defined f:G_<alpha into
G_<alpha so that for all reals x_1,...,x_k+1 in G_<alpha, one is f at
an integral shift of the sum of the others. We now extend f to be from
G_alpha into G_alpha, maintaining this property, as follows

Let x_1,...,x_k+1 be from G_alpha, but not all from G_<alpha. We claim
that we can remove one of the terms so that the sum of the others is
not in G_alpha. To see this, first suppose that the sum of all of the
terms lies in G_<alpha. Then we can remove any term not lying in
G_<alpha. Now suppose that the sum of all of the terms does not lie in
G_<alpha. If we remove each successive term and sum the others, and
then we obtain k+1 sums-with removal. The sum of these sums-with
removal is sum of all these sums-with-removal, then this overall sum
is k times the sum of all terms, which is not in G_<alpha. Thus one of
the sums-with-removal is not in G_<alpha.

Now enumerate the x_1,...,x_k+1 from G_alpha, but not all from
G_<alpha, without repetition. By induction, we can define partially on
G_alpha\G_<alpha so that for each x_1,...,x_k+1, some x_i is f at an
integral shift of the sum of the others. We can do this because we
have infinitely many possible integral shifts available at every
stage. QED

THEOREM B. Let k >= 2. The following are provably equivalent over ZC.
i. $ (both forms).
ii. $[k] (both forms).
iii. For all k >= 1, $[k] (both forms).
iv. notCH.

Proof: By Theorem A and Lemma 2. QED

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Harvey Friedman

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