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Lukasz T. Stepien sfstepie at cyf-kr.edu.pl
Fri Dec 23 07:29:32 EST 2016

 Dear Prof. Lubarsky 

   I have tried: $\mid [ \varphi ] \mid$, and after compiling this
instruction, I have got: |[ φ ]|  . 

   By the way, I wish you and all FOM Debaters, Merry Christmas and All
The Best in New Year 2017. 

      Best Regards 

    Lukasz T. Stepien  


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On 2016-12-22 23:38, Robert Lubarsky wrote:

> In forcing and related areas, often the symbol which is like |[ - ]| (don't know how else to type it) is used for the truth value, as in |[ phi ]| meaning the truth value of phi as a member of the Boolean value used in the forcing (or the truth value as a member of a Heyting algebra, for Heyting-valued models, and so on). What is the latex code for that symbol? 
> Bob Lubarsky 
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