[FOM] LaTeX code for "truth value of ..."

Alexander E. Gutman gutman at math.nsc.ru
Thu Dec 22 22:16:11 EST 2016

Robert Lubarsky (RL) 23.12.2016 (5:38):

RL> In forcing and related areas, often the symbol which is like |[ - ]| (don’t know how else to type it)
RL> is used for the truth value,  as in |[ phi ]| meaning the truth value of phi as a member
RL> of the Boolean value used in the forcing  (or the truth value as a member of a Heyting algebra,
RL> for Heyting-valued models, and so on). What is the latex code for that symbol?

I typeset |[...]| as $\<...\>$ by using the following definitions:


Alexander Gutman

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