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Wed Dec 21 05:15:04 EST 2016

AUTOMATA 2017 - Call for Papers

23rd International Workshop on Cellular Automata and Discrete Complex 

June 7 - 9, 2017

University of Milano-Bicocca
Milan, Italy



Papers presenting original and unpublished research on all fundamental
aspects of cellular automata, affine/correlated models of automata
(such as automata networks, finite automata over finite/infinite words,
picture languages), and related discrete complex systems are sought.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):
- dynamics, topological, ergodic and algebraic aspects
- algorithmic and complexity issues
- emergent properties
- formal languages
- symbolic dynamics
- tilings
- models of parallelism and distributed systems
- synchronous versus asynchronous models
- phenomenological descriptions and scientific modelling
- practical applications


Submission deadline: February 8, 2017
Notification of acceptance: March 15, 2017
Final versions: March 22, 2017
Submission deadline for exploratory papers: May 3, 2017
Notification of acceptance for exploratory papers:  May 10, 2017
AUTOMATA 2017: June 7-9, 2017


There are two categories of submission - full papers and exploratory
papers. Full papers are meant to report more complete and denser research,
while the later submission deadline for exploratory papers allows quick
reporting of recent discoveries, work-in-progress and/or partial
results. Submissions in the full paper category are refereed and
selected by the program committee. Papers in the exploratory category
go through a less rigorous evaluation process. All accepted papers must
be presented at the conference.


Eric Goles (Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Chile)
Adrien Richard (Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, France)
Ville Salo (University of Turku, Finland)


Alberto Dennunzio (Italy), co-chair
Pedro de Oliveira (Brazil)
Bruno Durand (France)
Nazim Fatès (France)
Paola Flocchini (Canada)
Enrico Formenti (France), co-chair
Anahi Gajardo (Chile)
Dora Giammaresi (Italy)
Eric Goles (Chile)
Katsunobu Imai (Japan)
Jarkko Kari (Finland)
Petr Kurka (Czech Republik)
Martin Kutrib (Germany)
Andreas Malcher (Germany)
Carlos Martin-Vide (Spain)
Giancarlo Mauri (Italy)
Kenichi Morita (Japan)
Ronnie Pavlov (USA)
Karl Petersen (USA)
Ion Petre (Finland)
Renzo Pinzani (Italy)
Siamak Taati (Netherlands)
Edgardo Ugalde (Mexico)
Hiroshi Umeo (Japan)


Alberto Dennunzio (co-chair)
Enrico Formenti (co-chair)
Luca Manzoni
Luca Mariot
Antonio E. Porreca


Authors are invited to submit papers of no more than 12
pages (for full papers) or 8 pages (for exploratory papers) via the
EasyChair system at


Submissions should contain original research that has not previously
been published. Concurrent submissions to other conferences/journals are
not allowed. Supplementary material that exceeds the above mentioned
page limits may be included as an appendix and will be considered at
the committee's discretion (note that appendices will not be published
in the proceedings). Submission must be formatted in LaTeX using the
LNCS format (see http://www.springer.com/computer/lncs/lncs+authors)
and submitted in Portable Document Format (PDF). Papers authored or
co-authored by PC members are also welcome and will follow a specific
evaluation process.


Accepted full papers will appear in the proceedings published by
Springer in the LNCS series.
Exploratory papers will not be included in the LNCS proceedings.


It is planned that extended version of some selected papers will be
considered for publication in special issues of an international
renown journal (Information & Computation, Theoretical Computer
Science, ...).

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