[FOM] Official Notice Regarding Death of Aldo Antonelli

Richard Heck richard_heck at brown.edu
Wed Oct 14 21:37:19 EDT 2015

Curtis Franks already posted a note about the death of our colleague 
Aldo Antonelli. I've been asked by his colleagues at UC-Davis to post 
the text of the official announcement regarding his death to this list. 
There are some wonderful reminiscences already on the website of the UC 
Davis department, at
People are encouraged to add their own.

Richard Heck


Our colleague, friend and collaborator, Aldo Antonelli, passed away 
suddenly on Sunday, October 11, 2015 while bicycling in Sacramento, 
California. He is survived by his partner, Elaine Landry, brother David, 
and sons Federico and Riccardo.

Aldo Antonelli was a professor of philosophy at the University of 
California, Davis. An expert in pure and applied logic, his research 
largely focused on issues in defeasible reasoning and non-monotonic 
logic. His more recent work in philosophy of logic was concerned with  
applications of generalized quantifier theory and abstraction principles 
to the foundations of arithmetic in the more general context of Fregean 
foundations, as well as making contributions to Frege scholarship.

Together with his partner and colleague, philosopher of mathematics 
Elaine Landry, Antonelli established philosophy of logic and mathematics 
as a focal point of scholarship in the Davis department. Antonelli was a 
member of the Association for Symbolic Logic, the American Philosophical 
Association, the Philosophy of Mathematics Association, and the Society 
for Exact Philosophy. He had served as coordinating editor of the 
Journal of Philosophical Logic and the Review of Symbolic Logic. He 
taught at Pittsburgh, Yale, Stanford and Michigan State, before joining 
the University of California, first at Irvine in 1998, and then moving 
to UC Davis in 2008.

Aldo’s self-description captures his spirit, focus, and sense of humor best:

I grew up in Torino, Italy, where I received my undergraduate education. 
After a brief stint in corporate R&D, I ended up in Pittsburgh, pursuing 
a graduate degree at Pitt. I taught here and there around the country 
for a few years before obtaining my first tenure track job. I then spent 
ten years at UC Irvine, including two years while on assignment abroad, 
before coming to Davis. My Erdös number is 4 (Paul Erdös to Joel Spencer 
to Nuel Belnap to Rich Thomason).

Contributions in Aldo’s memory may be made to a fund in support of 
graduate students working in logic and philosophy of logic. Please write 
checks to: UC Davis Foundation, marked “Aldo” and mail to: Chair, 
Department of Philosophy, One Shields Avenue, Davis CA 95616 USA.

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