[FOM] Aldo Antonelli (1962 -- 2015)

Curtis Franks Curtis.D.Franks.7 at nd.edu
Mon Oct 12 15:13:45 EDT 2015

Aldo Antonelli, whose work in pure and applied logic and the philosophy of
mathematics is well-known to many readers of this list, died suddenly while
bicycling with friends in Sacramento yesterday.

Aldo contributed to our understanding of the complexity of the non-well
founded sets and of the arithmetical heirarchy with novel aplications of
the revision theory of truth. He contributed to the consistency problem for
NF and the development of defeasible consequence. In a series of papers he
recovered and developed Frege's unique and overlooked metalogical program.
His most recent and possibly deepest work extended the generalized
interpretation of quantifiers to the first-order case. He was a dedicated
teacher, mentor, and advisor, whose unique pedagogical style will be long
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