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Continuing from http://www.cs.nyu.edu/pipermail/fom/2015-October/019212.html

In http://www.cs.nyu.edu/pipermail/fom/2015-October/019212.html we
used Universally Define sets of f:Q^k into Q and universally defined
sets of binary operations on {0,...,n!}.

We can instead use Emulations. This has advantages and disadvantages
compared to using the former UD and PUD.

can be optimally emulated to any given extent, with significant

In our specific context, the use the following notion of emulation.

DEFINITION 1. Let f,g:Q^k into Q^k. g is an r-emulation of f if and
only if every <=r element restriction of g without the value (0,...,0)
is order isomorphic to some restriction of f without the value
(0,...,0). Let R be a relation on the f:Q^k into Q^k. g is an R
maximal r-emulation of f if and only if g is an r-emulation f such
that there is no r-emulation h of f with g R h.

Thus g r-emulates f means "everything small that you see in g
restricted to its support, you already see in f restricted to its

THEOREM 1. Every f:Q^k into Q^k has a <* maximal r-emulation. Every
f:Q^k into Q^k has a <** maximal r-emulation.

PROPOSITION 2. Every f:Q^k into Q^k has a <* maximal r-emulation which
is shift invariant over the positive integers.

PROPOSITION 3. Every f:Q^k into Q^k has a <** maximal r-emulation
which is shift invariant over the positive integers.

In http://www.cs.nyu.edu/pipermail/fom/2015-October/019212.html when I
defined <# I forgot to put the parameter k in. So we write <#k.

PROPOSITION 4. Every f:{0,...,n!}^2 into {0,...,n!} has a <#k maximal
k-emulation without the value (8k)!!-1.

THEOREM 5. Proposition 3 is provably equivalent to Con(SRP) over
WKL_0. Proposition 3 is provable in WKL_0 + Con(SRP).

THEOREM 6. Proposition 4 is provably equivalent to Con(SMAH) over ACA.

Proposition 3 can be seen to be implicitly Pi01 via Goedel's
Completeness Theorem. For some small fixed k, Proposition 3 is
independent of ZFC. As fixed k increases to infinity, Proposition 3
goes up the SRP hierarchy of large cardinals in strength. For fixed k,
Proposition 4 is provable in EFA.

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