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COMPLEXITY DEFINITION. Let M be a relational structure. We use and,
or, not, if then, iff, formal, therexists, =, together with the
relation, constant, and function symbols interpreted by M. The
complexity of a formula in L(M) is the total number of relation,
constant, and function symbols appearing in the formula.

To clarify this, I am talking about the total number of *occurrences*
of relation, constant, and function symbols appearing in the formula.


My Concrete Mathematical Incompleteness project focuses on identifying
specific single Perfectly Mathematically Natural concrete statements
not decided in ZFC and beyond. There are also the focus on identifying
specific Perfectly Mathematically Natural Templates of concrete
statements, which can and can only be decided by going well beyond

There is a somewhat different aim which, at the moment, uses separate
methods which are delicate, but not comparable in depth to those used
in the aforementioned projects.

Specifically, identifying specific Perfectly Mathematically Natural
Concrete Count Problems which cannot be solved in ZFC and beyond. Here
we are not expecting these Count Problems to be solved using large
cardinals. In fact, the Count Problems are absolutely undecidable in
the sense that no consistent adequate formal system of reasonable size
is sufficient to solve the Count Problem.

Of course, in both programs, if one deletes the Perfectly
Mathematically Natural condition, then it is well known by Goedel and
standard elaborations on Goedel/Turing.

What is a Count Problem?

A finite mathematical object is specified, and we ask for an exact
count on its cardinality.

have the same restrictions to 12 element sets up to isomorphism.

ZFC, even ZFC augmented with standard large cardinal hypotheses, is
insufficient to get an exact count.

In a sense, this places an upper bound on the complexity of
mathematics, or the complexity of mathematical thought. I am not clear
at this point just how to say this kind of thing.

There is a draft with some proofs at

#88. Impossible Counting, May 26, 2015, 9 pages, draft.

My website is at https://u.osu.edu/friedman.8/ and my youtube site is at
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