[FOM] Fulbright Visiting Chair in Logic (2016/17)

Richard Zach rzach at ucalgary.ca
Wed May 13 13:00:08 EDT 2015

The University of Calgary is pleased to offer the opportunity for a 
Fulbright Visiting Research Chair in Logic or the Philosophy of Science 
The visiting researcher will be a part of the Department of Philosophy 
and collaborate with a dynamic research faculty and graduate students. 
The Department of Philosophy is internationally recognized in logic and 
the philosophy of science and home to 22 professors, including a Tier 1 
Canada Research Chair in the philosophy of biology. The scholar will 
offer a combined seminar for senior undergraduate students and graduate 
students in his or her area of expertise, and will participate in 
departmental and interdisciplinary research groups while pursuing his or 
her own research projects. *Specialization:* History and philosophy of 
science, mathematical and philosophical logic.

(Note: the Fulbright provides $25k support for one term, but we can 
provide an office etc. for two if you have additional funding, e.g., 
sabbatical salary. Application deadline 
is August 3. Must be a US citizen not living in Canada, see eligibility 
details <http://www.fulbright.ca/eligibility-american-scholars/>.)

Richard Zach ...... http://www.ucalgary.ca/rzach/
Professor,             Department  of  Philosophy
University of Calgary, Calgary AB T2N 1N4, Canada

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