[FOM] 584: Finite Continuation Theory 3

Harvey Friedman hmflogic at gmail.com
Fri Jun 26 19:51:43 EDT 2015

We proceed more abstractly with Finite Continuation Theory, using
finite systems.

DEFINITION 1 A k-system is an (A,<,R), where (A,<) is a finite linear
ordering and R is a subset of A^k. A full continuation of (A,<,R) is
an (A',<',R'), where
i. (A,<,R) is a subsystem of the k-system (A',<',R'), in the sense
that A containedin A', < containedin <', R containedin R'.
ii. Every ordered pair from R' is order equivalent to some ordered pair from R.
iii. Suppose every ordered pair from R' union {x} is order equivalent
to some ordered pair from R, x in A'^k. Then x is in R'.

In ii we have used order equivalence for concatenations. I.e., for
2k-tuples. We also use such concatenations in Definition 2 below.

THEOREM 1. (EFA) Every k-system has a full continuation. We can take
the domain of the full continuation to be the same as the domain of
the given k-system, or any other finite superset of the domain of the
given k-system.

We now look at symmetrically full continuations.

DEFINITION 2 Let (A,<,R) be a k-system. A symmetrically full continuation of
(A,<,R) is an (A',<',R',c_1,...,c_k), where
i. (A,<,R) is a substructure of the k-system (A',<',R'), and c_1 <'
... <' c_k = max(A').
ii. Every ordered pair from R' is order equivalent to some ordered pair from R.
iii. Suppose every ordered pair from R' union {x} is order equivalent
to some ordered pair from R, max(x) <' c_j. Then  (x,c_1,...,c_k-1) is
order equivalent to some (y,c_1,...,c_k-1) and
(y,c_1,...,c_j-1,c_j+1,...,c_k), y in R'.

There are stronger notions of symmetry that can be used here, but this
notion is relatively transparent.

PROPOSITION 1. Every k-system has a symmetrically full continuation.

Proposition 1 is explicitly Pi02. There is an a priori double
exponential upper bound on the size of the continuation relative to k
and the size of the given k-system, yielding an explicitly Pi01 form.

THEOREM 2. Proposition 1 is provably equivalent to Con(SRP) over WKL_0.

Thus the injection of a transparent form of symmetry or
indiscernibility into the trivial Theorem 1 results in a Pi01 sentence
that can and can only be proved going well beyond ZFC.

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