[FOM] Computability Theory and Foundations of Mathematics, Tokyo, September 7-11, 2015

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 CTFM 2015, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan, September 7 - 11,

Computability Theory and Foundations of Mathematics (CTFM) aims to develop
computability theory and logical foundations of Mathematics. The scope
involves the topics Computability Theory, Reverse Mathematics, Nonstandard
Analysis, Proof Theory, Set Theory, Philosophy of Mathematics, Constructive
Mathematics, Theory of Randomness and Computational Complexity Theory. In
honor of Professor Kazuyuki Tanaka's 60th birthday, this year's conference
will include sessions covering areas in which Professor Tanaka has worked.

This conference is held jointly with a workshop of Bilateral Joint Research
Project sponsored by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and the
National University of Singapore. See the previous workshop on this
project JSPS-NUS
Joint Workshop in Mathematical Logic and Foundations of Mathematics
<http://www.math.tohoku.ac.jp/%7Etanaka/kanazawa2015.html> (March 6 - 8,
2015, Kanazawa, Japan).

This is the fifth conference of CTFM conference series

   - The deadline for abstract submission
   <http://www.jaist.ac.jp/CTFM/CTFM2015/submission.html> has been extended
   to June 29t, 2015.* [New Information!]*
   - Call for presentaition
   <http://www.jaist.ac.jp/CTFM/CTFM2015/submission.html> started.
   - CTFM 2015 web site <http://www.jaist.ac.jp/CTFM/CTFM2015/> opened.

Invited Speakers

   - Ali Enayat (University of Gothenburg)
   - Sy Friedman (Kurt Gödel Research Center)
   - Alberto Marcone (The University of Udine)
   - Nik Weaver (Washington University)
   - Guohua Wu (Nanyang Technological University)
   - Stephen Binns (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals)
   - Liang Yu (Nanjing University)
   - Sakae Fuchino (Kobe University)
   - Joel Hamkins (City University of New York)
   - Dilip Raghavan (National University of Singapore)
   - Hidenori Kurokawa (Kobe University)
   - Kengo Okamoto (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
   - Toshio Suzuki (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
   - Tin Lok Wong (Kurt Gödel Research Center)

Programme Committee

   - Chi Tat Chong (National University of Singapore, *co-chair*)
   - Kojiro Higuchi (Chiba University)
   - Makoto Kikuchi (Kobe University)
   - Takako Nemoto (JAIST)
   - Stephen G. Simpson (Pennsylvania State University, *co-chair*)
   - Toshimichi Usuba (Kobe University)
   - Andreas Weiermann (Ghent University)
   - Takeshi Yamazaki (Tohoku Universigy)
   - Yang Yue (National University of Singapore)
   - Keita Yokoyama (JAIST / UC Berkeley)

Organising Committee

   - Makoto Fujiwara (JAIST)
   - Ryo Kashima (Tokyo Institute of Technology, *local chair*)
   - Takayuki Kihara (UC Berkeley)
   - Takako Nemoto (JAIST)
   - Florian Pelupessy (Tohoku University)
   - Takeshi Yamazaki (Tohoku University, *co-chair*)
   - Keita Yokoyama (JAIST / UC Berkeley, *co-chair*)
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