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FYI, the main emphasis is on category theory, with an emphasis on its relation to logic

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              International Summer School and Workshop 
                "Logic, Information and Uncertainty" 

                              SSWLIU 2015

                 September 14-16, 2015 (Summer School)
                   September 15-16, 2015 (Workshop)

                             Organized by:

                    Department of Computer Science,

              Palacky University Olomouc, Czech Republic


SSWLIU 2015 aims at bringing together researchers and students in the areas of logic, information and uncertainty to present overviews and recent results in the areas of interest and discuss current and future research directions.

This year, the Summer School is devoted to category theory. An introductory course on category theory will be provided by Professor Jiri Adamek, a leading expert in the field. The course will consist of ten tutorial-like talks and is particularly suitable for  young researchers including doctoral students.

The Workshop will consist of short talks by doctoral students about their current and future research directions, with presentations in the form of posters.

Preliminary Program:
Jiri Adamek (Technische Universitat Braunschweig, Germany) http://www.tu-braunschweig.de/iti/mitarbeiter/adamek

The program of the Summer School will consist of  ten  lectures by Jiri Adamek. The program of the Workshop will consist of 15 min talks by doctoral students on Wednesday afternoon and poster presentations from Tuesday afternoon.

If you consider your participation, please register at http://mcin.upol.cz/SSWLIU-2015/. No registration fee!

For program, information about traveling and accommodation, and the latest news, see http://mcin.upol.cz/SSWLIU-2015/.

          Contact: Pavel Prochazka, SSWLIU2015 at mcin.upol.cz


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