[FOM] Logical Foundations of Computer Science

Jeremy Avigad avigad at cmu.edu
Thu Jul 30 10:36:36 EDT 2015



Deerfield Beach, Florida, January 4 - 7, 2016

LFCS Steering Committee: Anil Nerode, (Ithaca, NY, General Chair); Stephen
Cook (Toronto); Dirk van Dalen (Utrecht); Yuri Matiyasevich (St.
Petersburg); Alan Robinson (Syracuse, NY); Gerald Sacks (Cambridge, MA);
Dana Scott, (Pittsburgh, PA - Berkeley, CA).

LFCS topics of interest include, but are not limited to: constructive
mathematics and type theory; homotopy type theory; logic, automata, and
automatic structures; computability and randomness; logical foundations of
programming; logical aspects of computational complexity; parameterized
complexity; logic programming and constraints; automated deduction and
interactive theorem proving; logical methods in protocol and program
verification; logical methods in program specification and extraction;
domain theory logics; logical foundations of database theory; equational
logic and term rewriting; lambda and combinatory calculi; categorical logic
and topological semantics; linear logic; epistemic and temporal logics;
intelligent and multiple-agent system logics; logics of proof and
justification; non-monotonic reasoning; logic in game theory and social
software; logic of hybrid systems; distributed system logics; mathematical
fuzzy logic; system design logics; other logics in computer science.
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