[FOM] the closed thread

Martin Davis martin at eipye.com
Wed Jul 22 11:47:46 EDT 2015

In the process of closing the thread in "The Liar" and its variants, I
reminded people that Charles Parsons had noted that there is a huge
relevant literature.It has been suggested that in so doing, I was at least
implying that participants in the thread were all ignorant of this

Of course I would have no way of knowing such a thing, and had not the
least intention of implying it. I apologize to any who felt offended by my

When a thread is closed because I, as moderator, believe that a point of
diminishing returns has been reached, inevitably, messages arriving at the
end will be rejected. Not everyone will be happy about this. However, I
would like to remind all of you that my "power" over this little domain is
not absolute. We do have a very capable board of editors who can
countermand anything I do. I encourage anyone who feels aggrieved by any of
my decisions to appeal to the board.

Best wishes to all,
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