[FOM] 575: Finite Games and Incompleteness

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We have an arguable improvement on the order invariant
game in http://www.cs.nyu.edu/pipermail/fom/2015-January/018506.html

http://www.cs.nyu.edu/pipermail/fom/2015-January/018506.html In the
description of G(R,k,t) there, "either 0" should be "either t". Also
max(x) < max(y) should be max(y) < max(x).

Now we start again.

DEFINITION 1. N is the set of all nonnegative integers. Let x in
N^k. ush(t,x) is the result of adding t to all coordinates of x that
are >= t.

DEFINITION 2. Let R containedin N^2k and x in N^k. We say that y is an
R reduction of x if and only if max(y) < max(x) and x R y.

I describe the reduction game RED(R,k,t), where R containedin {0,...,kt}^2k.

Play consists of k alternating moves by Alice and by Bob. Alice's k
moves are elements of {0,...,kt}^k, the first of which is arbitrary.
Bob's response to Alice's x consists of the two plays x,ush(t,x), or
some two plays y,ush(t,y) such that y is an R reduction of x. Alice's
later moves consist of integers that appear in previous moves by Alice
or Bob. Alice wins iff none of Bob's plays is an R reduction of any of
Bob's plays.

THEOREM 1. Let R containedin {0,...,kt}^2k. Bob has a winning strategy
for RED(R,k,t) if we
remove the ush's from the rules.

PROPOSITION 2. Let R containedin {0,...,kt}^2k be order invariant and
t >= (8k)!. Bob has a winning strategy for RED(R,k,t) if Alice starts
with (t,...,t).

THEOREM 3. Proposition 2 fails if we replace t by t-1. Proposition 2
holds if we replace t by 2t.

PROPOSITION 4. Let R containedin {0,...,kt}^2k be order invariant and
t >= (8k)!. Bob has a winning strategy for RED(R,k,t) if Alice starts
with (t+1,...,t+1).

Obviously Propositions 2,4 are explicitly Pi01.

THEOREM 5. Propositions 2,3 are provably equivalent to Con(SRP) over RCA_0.

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