[FOM] Natural Deduction: Copi(C) vs Quine(Q)

Alex Blum Alex.Blum at biu.ac.il
Wed Feb 25 09:01:45 EST 2015

Natural Deduction: Copi(C) vs Quine(Q)

I thought it may be useful to bring attention to the following remarks from Kit Fine's  "Reasoning with Arbitrary Objects", Aristotelean Society Proceedings, Blackwell 1985:
"Which of the two systems Q and C is to be preferred? There are various grounds for preference-naturalness, closeness to ordinary reasoning, ease of operation. But on all of them, it seems to me, the advantage lies with the system C. ...[There is an aspect of C which] is in accord with our ordinary understanding and makes it much easier to attach an intuitive significance to the derivations."(p.119) Bracketed insertion is mine.
            "... it is unfortunate that not more use of it  has been made in the classroom"(p.123)

Alex Blum
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