[FOM] Extension of well-founded relation well-ordering (Gert Smolka)

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Hi Gert, 

Yes, this is an easy consequence of Zorn, but I don't know of any literature reference on it. We had a recent discussion about this on the Isabelle mailing list: please see the thread "extending well-founded partial orders to total well-founded orders" on the page https://lists.cam.ac.uk/pipermail/cl-isabelle-users/2013-February/thread.html

There is now an Isabelle formalization by Christian Sternagel:

This is HOL (hence uses Hilbert choice), but the proof can be easily adapted to your setting.  

All the best,   Andrei 


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Subject: [FOM] Extension of well-founded relation well-ordering
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Consider the following statement:

Let X be a set with a choice function.  Then every well-founded relation on X can be extended to a well-ordering of X.

Is there a proof of the statement in the literature?

I would expect that a proof of Zermelo's theorem can be extended to a proof of the statement.

Gert Smolka


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