[FOM] PhD opportunities in the Computer Science theory group at Birmingham

Paul B Levy P.B.Levy at cs.bham.ac.uk
Sat Feb 7 10:47:45 EST 2015

Dear all,

We invite applications for PhD study at the University of Birmingham.

We are a group of (mostly) theoretical computer scientists who explore
fundamental concepts in computation and programming language
semantics. This often involves profound and surprising connections
between different areas of computer science and mathematics. From
category theory to λ-calculus and computational effects, from topology
to constructive mathematics, from game semantics to program
compilation, this is a diverse field of research that continues to
provide new insight and underlying structure.   See our webpage, with
links to individual researchers, here:


Information about PhD applications may be found here:


If you are considering applying, please contact any of us.  We will be
very happy to discuss the opportunities available.

Best regards,
the Birmingham CS theory group


Martín Escardó
(Topology, computation with infinite objects, constructive
mathematics, intuitionistic type theory)

Dan Ghica
(Game semantics, heterogeneous computing, model checking)

Achim Jung
(Mathematical structures in the foundations of computing: logic,
topology, order)

Neelakantan Krishnaswami
(Type theory, verification, substructural logic, interactive computation)

Paul Levy
(Denotational semantics, λ-calculus with effects, nondeterminism,
category theory, game semantics)

Uday Reddy
(Semantics of state, separation logic)

Eike Ritter
(Security protocol verification)

Hayo Thielecke
(Abstract machines, concurrent and functional programming, software

Steve Vickers
(Constructive mathematics and topology, category theory and toposes)

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