[FOM] FW: Springer make many logic books freely downloadable

Richard Heck richard_heck at brown.edu
Tue Dec 29 19:49:35 EST 2015

I'll add to Peter's list: Hilbert and Bernays's Grundlagen:
Smullyan's "First Order Logic":
Handbook of Philosophical Logic
You'll quickly realize as you look that the free ones have a white
background, whereas the pay ones have a yellow background.

Searching by year of publication, it is unsurprisingly the older books
that seem to be freely downloadable. Almost everything published before
2005, in fact. There are a few exceptions, mostly textbooks.

Richard Heck

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> Dear Colleagues,
> I guess for some of you it can be interesting to know that there are some logic books freely downloadable.
> http://www.logicmatters.net/2015/12/28/springer-make-many-logic-books-freely-downloadable/
> Happy new year!
> Juan Carlos Nieves
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