[FOM] Solution to a problem of Friedman regarding Core Logical proof of number-theoretic statements

Tennant, Neil tennant.9 at osu.edu
Sun Dec 13 12:31:09 EST 2015

fom-ers might recall the challenge problems that Harvey Friedman posed to the core logician, in http://www.cs.nyu.edu/pipermail/fom/2015-September/019105.html .

An answer to one of them can now be found at http://u.osu.edu/tennant.9/ .  Place your cursor over the text "Here ... problem.", and click to download.

I offer for consideration a proof, using only Core Logic, of the famous result that no square of a natural numbers is twice any such square.

It is my Xmas present to Harvey. Place your cursor over the text, and click to download.

Neil Tennant
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