[FOM] Award ceremony of the first Newton da Costa prize of logic

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Fri Aug 28 08:50:15 EDT 2015

Recently happened in Florianopolis, Brazil
the award ceremony of the first Newton da Costa prize of logic.
This is a prize that will be attributed every year to the best paper
written  by someone working in Brazil.

The winner of Newton da Costa prize 2015
is Rodrigo Freire from the University of Brasilia for his paper
"First-order logic and first-order function"
which has just been published in the journal Logica Universalis

Besides the  publication of his paper, the participation to an
international event outside of Brazil was offered to the winner,
it was the participation to UNILOG'2015 in Istanbul, Turkey

We encourage every country to organize each year a prize of logic along the
same scheme,
choosing the name of a great logician of the country.
This is useful to develop interaction between logicians in a given country,
to make internationally known their work and in general to promote logic in
the world.
Interesting people are welcome to enter in touch with us.

Details of the Newton da Costa prize of logic can be found here

Jean-Yves Beziau
Founder and organizer of Newton da Costa Prize of Logic
Vice-president of the Brazilian Society of Logic
Editor in Chief - Logica Universalis
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