[FOM] CFR and Programme: SoTFoM III and The Hyperuniverse Programme, Vienna, 21-23 September 2015.

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CFR and Programme: SoTFoM III and The Hyperuniverse Programme, Vienna,
21-23 September 2015.

The organisers are delighted to announce the programme for the upcoming
conference on `The Hyperuniverse Programme', part of the Symposia on the
Foundations of Mathematics series. The Hyperuniverse Programme was launched
in 2012, and is currently pursued within a Templeton-funded research
project at the Kurt Gödel Research Center in Vienna. It aims to identify
and philosophically motivate the adoption of new set-theoretic axioms.The
programme intersects several topics in the philosophy of set theory and of
mathematics, such as the nature of mathematical (and set-theoretic) truth,
the universe/multiverse dichotomy, the alternative conceptions of the
set-theoretic multiverse, the conceptual and epistemological status of new
axioms and their alternative justificatory frameworks.The aim of SotFoM III
and The Hyperuniverse Programme Joint Conference is to bring together
scholars who, over the last years, have contributed mathematically and
philosophically to the ongoing work and debate on the foundations and the
philosophy of set theory, in particular, to the understanding and the
elucidation of the aforementioned topics. The three-day conference, taking
place September 21-23 at the KGRC in Vienna, will feature invited and
contributed speakers.

Day 1 - 21 September 2015
1000 -1005 Introductory remarks
1005-1135 Tatiana Arrigoni: TBC
1135-1150 Coffee Break
1150-1250 Giorgio Venturi: `Forcing, Multiverse and Realism'
1250-1500 Lunch
1500-1600 Daniel Waxman and Jared Warren: `Is there a good argument for
mathematical pluralism?'
1600-1615 Coffee Break
1615-1715 Matteo Viale: `Category forcings and generic absoluteness:
Explaining the success of strong forcing axioms.'
1715-1730 Coffee break
1730-1900 Øystein Linnebo: `Potentialism about set theory.'

Day 2 - 22 September 2015

0900-1030 Mary Leng: TBC
1030-1045 Coffee Break
1045-1215 Hugh Woodin: TBC
1230 Trip to Mostalm for social lunch.

Day 3 - 23 September

1000 -1005 Introductory remarks
1005-1135 Geoffrey Hellman: `A Height-Potentialist Multiverse View of Set
1135-1150 Coffee Break
1150-1250 Sam Sanders: `Non-standard analysis as a computational
1250-1500 Lunch
1500-1600 Emil Weydert: `A multiverse axiom induction framework.'
1600-1615 Coffee Break
1615-1715 Douglas Blue: `Forcing axioms and maximality as the demand for
1715-1730 Coffee break
1730-1900 Peter Koellner: `On the Multiverse Conception of Set.'

To register, please send an e-mail to sotfom [at] gmail [dot] com with
SOTFOM III REGISTRATION as the subject header.

For more information contact one of:

Carolin Antos: carolin.antos-kuby [at] univie [dot] ac [dot] at

Claudio Ternullo: claudio [dot] ternullo [at] univie [dot] ac [dot] at

John Wigglesworth: jmwigglesworth [at] gmail [dot] com

Neil Barton: barton [dot] n [dot] a [at] gmail [dot] com

Or visit https://sotfom.wordpress.com/
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