[FOM] CfP General Proof Theory, 27-29 November 2015, Tübingen

Peter Schroeder-Heister psh at informatik.uni-tuebingen.de
Thu Apr 16 09:08:22 EDT 2015

                  General Proof Theory

   Celebrating 50 Years of Dag Prawitz's "Natural Deduction"

         27–29 November 2015 in Tübingen, Germany


Call for contributed talks

General proof theory studies how proofs are structured, and not
primarily what can be proved in particular formal systems. It has been
developed within the framework of Gentzen-style proof theory, as well as
in categorial proof theory.

As Dag Prawitz's  monograph "Natural Deduction" (1965) paved the way for
this development - he also proposed the term "general proof theory" - it
is most appropriate to use this topic to celebrate 50 years of this work.

We invite contributed talks on topics of general proof theory, including
categorial proof theory. Contributions on related topics are welcome,
too. We especially encourage young researchers to contribute. There will
be 12 slots for contributed talks (30 min).

Confirmed invited speakers include:

- Kosta Došen (Mathematical Institute, SANU)
- F. William Lawvere (University at Buffalo)
- Per Martin-Löf (Stockholm University)
- Luiz Carlos Pereira (PUC Rio de Janeiro)
- Dag Prawitz (Stockholm University)
- Heinrich Wansing (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

If you are interested in contributing a talk, please send a one-page
abstract to Thomas Piecha at GPT-CfP at informatik.uni-tuebingen.de. The
deadline for submission is 15 July 2015. We will notify you by 31 July
of acceptance or rejection.

Participants who do not want to give a talk are also welcome. In that
case please send an email to Marine Gaudefroy-Bergmann at
GPT-Part at informatik.uni-
tuebingen.de by 31 October to register.

There will be a small conference fee covering coffee breaks.

Organisers: Thomas Piecha and Peter Schroeder-Heister

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