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Call for Papers
The Future Logic - Contest at the 5th World Congress on Universal Logic -
Istanbul, June 2015
Deadline extension: May 4, 2015

Modern logic (starting with George Boole at the mid of the XIX century)
changed the world: it led to new understanding of reasoning, language,
mathematics. It gave new directions in philosophy and gave birth to
computation. After 150 years we may wonder what is the future of so
successful a science, nowadays much of the time in the shadow of its
multifaceted offsprings This contest wants to promote a reflexion on what
can be the future of logic considering its 150-years history. Here are a
few questions:
1) Will or can logic give a better understanding to sciences / fields such
as physics, biology, economics, music, information?
2) How will evolve the internal life of logic, its objectives and tools?
3) How will develop the interactions between logic and philosophy, logic
and mathematics, logic and computation?

To take part to the contest submit a paper of 10 to 15 pages by May 4, 2015
unilog.contest2015 at gmail.com

The best papers will be selected for presentation in a special session
during the event and a jury will decide during the event who are the
winners: gold, silver and bronze medals.
Members of the Jury are Patrick Blackburn, Walter Carnielli (president) and
John Corcoran. The prize is offered by Birkhäuser Science  Basel,

World Congress and School on Universal Logic
Montreux 2005, Xi'an 2007, Lisbon 2010, Rio de Janeiro 2013, Istanbul 2015
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