[FOM] Justifying SRP?

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Tue Sep 16 10:42:29 EDT 2014

 Monroe Eskew writes:

Examining this would probably require a deeper look at why we regard ordinary reflection with second-order parameters as justified in the first place.

I will take a preliminary stab at this.  V is built iteratively through an absolute infinity of stages.  This absolute infinity outstrips our ability to pin it down with some logical property.  At some point we will have built a rich enough initial segment to satisfy a given property.   Further, this should also be true if we allow the property to use some arbitrary “oracle” predicate of sets.  Eventually we will have built a rich enough structure so that whatever our oracle says about sets in general, is true about those we’ve constructed so far.




As I have noted in previous posts, http://dx.doi.org/10.12732/ijpam.v93i5.7 contains a quantitative theory of this problem, including a specific open question.

- Martin Dowd

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