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> On the other hand Coq is much more expressive for abstract
> mathematics (abstract algebra, category theory, etc.) than
> the HOLs

Dear Freek, there's a considerable literature of papers that mix  
category theory and set theory quite seriously.  I recently coauthored  
some papers of this kind* so obviously I'm quite keen on the topic,  
and I'm slightly baffled by the perception of conflict between the two  
subjects.  Some of these papers (not mine) even use large cardinals.

Are you saying there's no suitable proof assistant for formalizing  
results like this?  They're much simpler than the Kepler conjecture  
and Feit-Thompson.


*The papers are
Coproducts of monads on Set
Exploring the boundaries of monad tensorability on Set
On final coalgebras of power-set functors and saturated trees
available at my publication page

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