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Harvey Friedman hmflogic at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 14:05:20 EDT 2014

We have what I regard as a strong new development in Pi01
incompleteness, particularly from the combinatorial standpoint. Here
are some new virtues.

1. I use order invariant binary relations on N^k and {0,...,t}^k,
instead of Q^k. The first version does not even use order invariance.
2. There are no sections and no maximality.
3. Instead of sections and maximality, we use reductions of one vector
to another.
4. The transition to finite forms is immediate.

I definitely had traces of these ideas already in the present version
84. Flat Mental Pictures, September 5, 2014, 5 pages. Extended abstract.

DEFINITION 1. Let R be contained in N^2k = N^k x N^k. x reduces to y
if and only if x R y and max(x) > max(y). S is irreducible in R if and
only if S containedin N^k and no element of S reduces to any element
of S. S is a basis if and only if S is irreducible and every element
of N^k\S reduces to an element of S. For A containedin N, A! = {n!: n
in A}.

THEOREM 1.  Every R containedin N^2k has a unique basis S.

DEFINITION 2 . Let R containedin N^2k. A_1 red ... red A_r for S if and only if
i. S containedin N^k.
ii. A_1,...,A_r are subsets of N.
iii. Every element of  (A_i + {0,1})^k, i < r, in N^k\S, reduces to an
element of A_i+1 intersect S.

THEOREM 2 (trivial). Let R containedin N^2k and S be irreducible. The
following are equivalent.
i. N red N for S.
ii. N red S for S.
iii. N\S red N for S.
iv. N\S red S for S.
v. S is a basis.

PROPOSITION 1. Every R containedin N^2k has an irreducible set for
which some A red B red N\(A-1), A infinite.

PROPOSITION 2. Every order invariant R containedin N^2k has an
irreducible set for which some A red B red N\(A-1), A infinite.

PROPOSITION 3. Every order invariant R containedin N^2k has an
irreducible set for which some A red B red N\(A-1), A = (8kN)!.

We now use the obvious analog of Definitions 1,2 for order invariant R
containedin {0,...,t}^2n.

DEFINITION 3. For t in N, [t] = {0,...,t}. We repeat Definitions 1,2
with N replaced by [t].

PROPOSITION 4. Every order invariant R containedin [t]^2k has an
irreducible set for which some  A red B red [t]\(A-1), where A =
(8kN)! intersect [t].

Note that Proposition 4 is explicitly Pi01.

THEOREM 5. Propositions 1-4 are provably equivalent to Con(SMAH) over
ACA. SMAH is the strongly Mahlo cardinal hierarchy.

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Harvey Friedman

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