[FOM] Eradicating Evil?

Steve Awodey awodey at cmu.edu
Tue Oct 28 09:28:51 EDT 2014

On Oct 27, 2014, at 6:01 AM, Harvey Friedman <hmflogic at gmail.com> wrote:

> My back channels tell me that there is a crusade to "eradicate evil"
> spearheaded by the HoTT community. 

Dear Harvey (and FOM),

This is absolute rubbish and a good example of what is wrong with FOM.
It is impossible to have a civil discussion here about anything *new* in foundations 
without being accused of being a “crazy”, “radical”, “zealot”, etc.

Why does everything on this list have to be a fight?
I’m tired of the gauntlets, challenges, accusations, personal attacks, etc., 
especially the ones beginning “without knowing anything about X, here is what I think about X …”.

Those who are honestly interested in learning about Homotopy Type Theory 
— and I recommend it to readers of this list as a new area of foundational research 
with many interesting connections to mathematics, logic, and computer science — 
should have no trouble finding resources online, particularly the already cited:


and the book available there.  
The current discussion, by contract, has no informational value, and shows no signs of heading in that direction.

After many years on this list, I have finally had enough.  
When you have finally succeeded in driving out everyone with a different point of view, 
then you will be free to vilify them without rebuttal.

Good bye, and good luck with this forum,

Steve Awodey
Professor of Philosophy and Mathematical Sciences
Carnegie Mellon Unviersity

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