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Lukasz T. Stepien sfstepie at cyf-kr.edu.pl
Sun Oct 26 21:14:28 EDT 2014

 Good morning

  I send the announcement on BLAST 2015 Conference.

BLAST is a conference focusing on

Boolean Algebras
Lattices, Algebraic and Quantum logic
Universal Algebra
Set Theory
Set-theoretic and Point-free Topology

Date: Jan 5-9, 2015

BLAST circulates between different universities. Earlier BLAST meetings
were held at the University of Denver (2008), New Mexico State University
(2009), the University of Colorado at Boulder (2010), the University of
Kansas (2011), and Chapman University (2013). BLAST 2015 is supported by
NSF and New Mexico State University.

General questions: blast at math.nmsu.edu

The Website of BLAST 2015 Conference:  http://sierra.nmsu.edu/blast2015/

Local Organizers:

Guram Bezhanishvili, guram at nmsu.edu
John Harding, jharding at nmsu.edu, 575-520-6072
Pat Morandi, pmorandi at nmsu.edu, 575-312-3361
Bruce Olberding, olberdin at nmsu.edu


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