[FOM] CCC 2014; postproceedings; call for submission

Dieter Spreen spreen at math.uni-siegen.de
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Continuity, Computability, Constructivity:
From Logic to Algorithms 2014

Call for Submissions

After a further year of successful work in the EU-IRSES project COMPUTAL and an excellent workshop in Ljubljana (Slovenia) in September this year, we are planning to publish a collection of papers dedicated to the meeting and the project in the

The issue should reflect progress made in Computable Analysis and related areas, not only work in the project.

Submissions are welcome from all scientists and should be on topics in the spectrum from logic to algorithms including, but not limited to,

Computable analysis
Complexity of real number computations
Computing with continuous data
Domain theory and analysis
Randomness and computable measure theory
Models of computation with real numbers
Realizability theory and analysis
Reverse analysis
Exact real number computation
Program extraction in analysis.


Andrej Bauer (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Ulrich Berger (Swansea, UK)
Willem Fouché (Pretoria, South Africa)
Dieter Spreen (Siegen, Germany & Pretoria, South Africa)
Hideki Tsuiki (Kyoto, Japan)
Martin Ziegler (Darmstadt, Germany)

 31 January 2015

Please prepare your manuscript using the JLA class file jlogana.cls and the bibliography style file jloganal.bst which can be downloaded from


For submissions go to the JLA webpage


and follow the instructions given there. In addition, important,

When submitting to JLA, write

             in the Comments-for-the-Editor box.

 Send a separate copy of your submission to
spreen at math.uni-siegen.de

And, if appropriate, identify one or more members of the Issue Editors mentioned above whose interests are closest to the subject matter of the paper in the mail.

Best regards,

Andrej Bauer
Ulrich Berger
Willem Fouché
Dieter Spreen
Hideki Tsuiki
Martin Ziegler
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