[FOM] 548: New Explicitly Pi01

Harvey Friedman hmflogic at gmail.com
Sat Oct 4 20:45:33 EDT 2014

*This research was partially supported by the John Templeton
Foundation grant ID #36297. The opinions expressed here are those of
the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the John
Templeton Foundation.

I have put a new version of Universal Properties and Incompleteness,
dated October 4, 2014, at
#85. The main improvement concerns new explicitly Pi01 statements
corresponding to SRP and to HUGE. Here is the new one corresponding to

DEFINITION. Q<m> = {i/j in Q[-m,m]: |i|,|j| <= m!}. R containedin
Q<m>^n is order invariant if and only if for all order equivalent x,y
in Q<m>^n, x in R iff y in R. N is the set of all nonnegative
integers. N! = {1!,2!,...}.

DEFINITION. Let R containedin Q<m>^2n and S containedin Q<m>^n. S is R
independent if and only if S containedin Q<m>^n, and no two distinct
elements of S are related by R. B red(R,S) C red(R,S) D if and only if
for all x in B^n (C^n) intersect Q<m>^n, there exists y in C^n (D^n)
such that x R y and max(x) >= max(y). B red(R,S) C red(R,S) D, with or
without p if and only if B red(R,S) C red(R,S) D, and B\{p} red(R,S)
C\{p} red(R,S) D\{p}.  The latter is read "B R-reduces by S to C,
which R-reduces to by S to D, with or without p".

THEOREM. (N! to Z to Q). Every order invariant R contained in Q<m>^2n
has an independent S such that N! red(R,S) Z red(R,S) Q.

PROPOSITION. (N! to Z to Q). Every order invariant R contained in
Q<m>^2n has an independent S such that N! red(R,S) Z red(R,S) Q, with
or without (8n)!-1.

THEOREM. The above Proposition is provably equivalent to Con(SMAH)
over ACA. (SMAH = strongly Mahlo cardinal hierarchy). It is provable
in SMAH+ but not in any consistent SMAH[k]. In particular, it is not
provable in ZFC (assuming ZFC is consistent).

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Harvey Friedman

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