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Logic, Relativity and Beyond
2nd international conference

August 9-13 2015, Budapest, Hungary

Deadline for abstract/paper submission: 20 March, 2015
Notifying the authors: 20 May, 2015
Early registration: 31 May, 2015
Conference: 9-13 August, 2015

There are several new and rapidly evolving research areas blossoming out
from the interaction of logic and relativity theory. The aim of this
conference series, which take place once every 2 or 3 years, is to attract
and bring together mathematicians, physicists, philosophers of science, and
logicians from all over the word interested in these and related areas to
exchange new ideas, problems and results.

Topics include (but are not restricted to):
•  Special and general relativity
•  Axiomatizing physical theories
•  Logical foundations of spacetime
•  Computability and physics
•  Logic of causality
•  Relativistic computation
•  Knowledge acquisition in science
•  Branching spacetime
•  Concept algebras and algebraic logic
•  Logic of time and space
•  Cylindric and relation algebras
•  Relativity theory and philosophy of science
Invited speakers:
- Nuel Belnap (University of Pittsburgh)
- S. Barry Cooper (University of Leeds)
- Alexander K. Guts (Omsk State University)
- Mark Hogarth (University of Cambridge)
- István Rácz (Wigner Institute)
- László E. Szabó (Eötvös University)
Program Committee:
- István Németi (Chair, Rényi Institute)
- Thomas Benda (Yang Ming University)
- Miklós Ferenczi (Budapest University of Technology)
- Michele Friend (The George Washington University)
- Judit X. Madarász (Rényi Institute)
- John Byron Manchak (University of Washington)
- Tomasz Placek (Jagiellonian University)
- Ildikó Sain (Rényi Institute)
- Mike Stannett (University of Sheffield)
- Gergely Székely (Rényi Institute)
- Christian Wüthrich (University of California)
Organizing Committee:
- Gergely Székely (Chair, Rényi Institute)
- Hajnal Andréka (Rényi Institute)
- Koen Lefever (Vesalius College)
- Attila Molnár (Eötvös University)
- Mike Stannett (University of Sheffield)

We invite you to submit your abstract via the following link:

Looking forward to seeing you in Budapest.

If you know anyone who may be interested in this conference, please notify

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Contact: Gergely Székely - lrb15 at renyi.mta.hu
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