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I am glad to announce the launching of the book

The Life and Work of Leon Henkin
Essays on His Contributions
Manzano, María, Sain, Ildikó, Alonso, Enrique (Eds.)
The papers are individually available here:

Jean-Yves Beziau
Series Editor
Studies in Universal Logic
Birkhäuser, Basel, Switzerland

>From the preface:

Leon Henkin (1921–2006) was an extraordinary logician and an excellent
teacher. His
writings became influential from the very start of his career with his
doctoral thesis, The
completeness of formal systems, defended in 1947 under the direction of
Alonzo Church.

Answering an invitation from Alfred Tarski, Henkin joined the Mathematics
in Berkeley (University of California) in 1953. When Tarski and Henkin were
to assemble a number of logicians from the Department of Mathematics and
they created an interdepartmental agency, the very famous Group in Logic
and the
Methodology of Science. He stayed with the Department until 1991, when he
retired and
became an Emeritus Professor.

Henkin was often described as a social activist, he labored much of his
career to boost
the number of women and underrepresented minorities in the upper echelons
of mathematics.
He was also very aware that we are beings immersed in the crucible of
from which we find it hard to escape.
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