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**apologies for cross-postings**

Philosophy of mathematics: objectivity, cognition, and proof*.
*First international conference of the Italian Network for the 
Philosophy of Mathematics - FilMat.**
29-31 May 2014
San Raffaele University, Milan

_/Supported by: //
/PRIN 2010-11 national project /Realism and Objectivity/ (Unit 
coordinator: Claudia Bianchi, San Raffaele University)
PhD Program in /Cognitive Neurosciences and Philosophy of Mind///(San 
Raffaele University / NeTS at IUSS Pavia)
PhD Program in /Philosophy and Sciences of the Mind/ (San Raffaele 
_Seminario di Logica Permanente - SELP

/Under the auspices of/: AILA, SIFA, SILFS

/In collaboration with/: COGITO, CRESA

_*Invited speakers**
*/Aldo Antonelli/ (University of California Davis)
/Leon Horsten/ (University of Bristol)
/Mario Piazza/ (University of Chieti-Pescara)
Invited early career speaker*
/Francesca Poggiolesi/ (CNRS, CEPERC, University of Aix-Marseille)

*Contributed speakers*
/Neil Barton/ (Birkbeck College); /Robert Black/ (University of 
Nottingham); /Massimiliano Carrara, Enrico Martino/  & /Matteo Plebani/ 
(University of Padua - University of Basilicata); /Brice Halimi/ 
(University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La De?fense); /Marina Imocrante/ 
(Vita-Salute San Raffaele University); /Robert Knowles/ (University of 
Manchester); /Carlo Nicolai /(University of Oxford); /Gianluigi Oliveri/ 
(University of Palermo); /Michele Palmira/ (University of Modena and 
Reggio Emilia); /Markus Pantsar/ (University of Helsinki, LMU Munich); 
/Samantha Pollock/ (University of Bristol); /Davide Rizza/ (University 
of East Anglia); /Mario Santos-Sousa/ (University College London); 
/Georg Schiemer/  & /Johannes Korbmacher /(University of Vienna - MCMP, 
Munich); /Claudio Ternullo/ & /Sy-David Friedman/ (Kurt Gödel Research 
Center, Vienna); /Giorgio Venturi/ (CLE, University of Campinas); /Andi 
Yu/ (University of Oxford)

For the*/final program of the conference/*, please visit the related 
conference webpage: http://filmat-network.com/activities/filmat2014/program.

For /*directions */to San Raffaele University, please check the webpage: 
http://filmat-network.com/activities/filmat2014/practicalities, where 
you can also find a list of /*accommodations */in Milan covering a wide 
varieties of budgets.

Attendance is free. For organizational reasons, registration by email 
before the 20th of May is recommended. Participation can be confirmed by 
writing to info at filmat-network.com (subject: Registration to FilMat).

*Contacts*: please, feel free to contact us concerning any queries:
Email: info at filmat-network.com
Web: www.filmat-network.com/FilMat2014; www.unisr.it/filosofia/filmat


Here is a list of events in philosophy of mathematics taking place in 
Milan during the FilMat week:*

*27th of May:*workshop on Frege's Real Numbers: invited speakers: 
Stewart Shapiro *(Ohio State University) and *Marco Panza***(IHPST-CNRS 
- Paris); Discussants: *Alessandro Giordani* (Unversità Cattolica del 
Sacro Cuore), *Matteo Plebani* (Università della Basilicata) - 
co-organised by the Catholic University and San Raffaele University - 
Venue: Catholic University of Milan*

*28th of May:*Luca Incurvati *(University of Amsterdam): *"The iterative 
conception: what is it and what is it for?" *- Venue: San Raffaele 
University, 11.00-13.00: http://www.unisr.it/view.asp?id=6654*

*29th of May:*Stewart Shapiro *(Ohio State University):*"Pluralism and 
relativism for logic"* - Venue: San Raffaele University, 10.30-12.30*

*29th-31st of May:*FilMat 2014 conference *(registration opens at 2.00 
p.m. on the 29th).*

Very best wishes,

*/FilMat 2014 Scientific Committee/**//**/
/*Francesca Boccuni (San Raffaele), Paola Cantù (Université 
d'Aix-Marseille), Valeria Giardino (Archives Henri-Poincaré, CNRS / 
Université de Lorraine), Enrico Moriconi (University of Pisa), Marco 
Panza (IHPST, CNRS Paris 1), Chris Pincock (Ohio State University), Luca 
San Mauro (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa), Andrea Sereni (San Raffaele).

*/The Promoting Committee of FilMat/**
***Francesca Boccuni, Gabriele Lolli, Marco Panza, Matteo Plebani, Luca 
San Mauro, Andrea Sereni, Giorgio Venturi.

*/FilMat 2014 Organizing Comittee/**/
/*Francesca Boccuni, Marina Imocrante, Andrea Sereni.
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