[FOM] Classic Reprints are now available

Charlie silver_1 at mindspring.com
Mon May 5 17:40:11 EDT 2014

Dear FOMers,

	I have been asked to forward this announcement to FOM for The Advanced Reasoning Forum:

The Advanced Reasoning Forum has started a new series of publications
called *Classic Reprints* to make available books in logic and related
fields that have been long out-of-print and nearly impossible to
obtain.  All are priced very cheaply.

The first three titles, available from online booksellers or directly
from ARF are:

* *Truth* as Conceived by Those Who Are Not Professional Philosophers*
by Arne Naess
ISBN 978-1-938421-08-2

*Stoic Logic*
by Benson Mates
ISBN 978-1-938421-14-3

*Algebraizable Logics*
by W. J. Blok and Don Pigozzi
ISBN 978-1-938421-18-1

Also available is a new edition of the classic:

*Computability and Undecidablity--A Timeline*
Available only by direct order from the Advanced Reasoning Forum,
www.ARFbooks.org  or  rle at ARFbooks.org

If there is sufficient demand for these as well as interest in other
works to be reprinted, ARF will publish more titles in this series.
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