[FOM] Call for Abstracts: Minds and Machines special issue on Algorithmic Randomness

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Fri Mar 7 04:17:56 EST 2014

Minds and Machines is pleased to invite extended abstracts for 
“Algorithmic Randomness: Mathematical Progress and Philosophical 
Promise,” a special issue edited by Christopher Porter of Université 
Paris 7.

Over roughly the past fifteen years, research in the subject of 
algorithmic randomness has flourished.  Despite the many developments in 
the theory of algorithmic randomness over this period of time, there has 
been little reflection on the philosophical significance of these 
developments.  One plausible reason for this gap in the philosophical 
literature is the highly technical nature of work on algorithmic 

The focus of the special issue is two-fold: (1) to provide an 
accessible point of entry into recent developments in algorithmic 
randomness, and (2) to provide a forum for philosophical reflection on 
these developments.  The editor invites articles on topics in the theory 
of algorithmic randomness that illustrate the various roles that 
algorithmic randomness plays in computational, statistical, and 
mathematical practice, as well as submissions addressing various issues 
in the philosophy of algorithmic randomness. The editor especially 
encourages submissions concerned with (i) whether and to what extent the 
theory of algorithmic randomness provides insight into the concept of 
randomness, (ii) the relationship between randomness and computation, 
and (iii) the ways in which algorithmic randomness illuminates various 
uses of randomness in classical mathematics.

Anyone interested in contributing to the special issue must submit an 
extended abstract of one to three pages by May 31, 2014.  The abstract 
is a proposal for a full paper the author thereby agrees to submit by 
January 31, 2015 if his or her proposal has been approved by the editor 
of the special issue.  Each full paper will thereupon undergo peer 

A primary goal of the special issue is to open new interdisciplinary 
avenues for discussion of the significance of algorithmic randomness, 
potentially bringing mathematicians, computer scientists, statisticians, 
and philosophers of mathematics / computer science / science together in 

Deadline for extended abstracts:  May 31, 2014.

To submit an extended abstract, follow the instructions at the website 
for submissions:


When prompted to choose an article type, select “SI: Algorithmic 

Inquiries may be directed to:

cp at cpporter.com

Guest Editor: Christopher P. Porter

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