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Wed Jun 4 12:02:43 EDT 2014

Permanent positions in Mathematical Logic at  the Federal University
of Bahia (Salvador, Bahia, Brazil)

The Department of Mathematics of UFBA, Brazil, has just opened a call
for fulfilling permanent positions (equivalents to tenure track
assistant professor positions),including opportunities in teh area of
Mathematical Logic.

There is one position open in "Algebra or Logic or Set Theory".
Algebraists will perform exams in Algebra and logicians will perform
exams in Logic and Set Theory. Since the department is in great need
for permanent faculty members, the number of available positions may
increase if several good candidates show up.

The exams are:

- A written exam on a drawn topic; there is a list with 6 topics.

- A teaching test.

- Examination of a "Memorial" (which is a detailed CV, plus a research
statement), including a formal presentation and an oral examination by
an evaluation board.

Details (and the list of topics) are available here:


The candidate must speak Portuguese, at least in a minimum level. All
the process is supposed to be done in Portuguese (including the
written exam, the teaching test, the CV, the "Memorial" and the
Examination of the "Memorial").

The exams will probably occur at September/October, in Salvador, Bahia,
The candidate must have a valid visa during the exams.

Applications can be made online. In the process of the application, it
is possible that the candidate be required to present a "CPF number",
which is the Brazilian tax payer identification number. Such a number
can be provided to the candidate (in a few days) in Brazilian
embassies and consulates.

The deadline for application is July 3, 2014.

For additional information, do not hesitate to write us:

Samuel G. da Silva (samuel at ufba.br)
Ciro Russo (ciro.russo at ufba.br)


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