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Correctness by Construction, Workshop, Genoa, Italy, 24-27 March 2014


   Correctness by Construction (CORCON) is an FP7 EU-funded project under
   the Marie Curie IRSES scheme. This kick-off workshop of CORCON aims at
   bringing together the participants of the project and those researchers
   who are interested in the themes of the project. The workshop is further
   promoted by AILA (Associazione Italiana di Logica e sue Applicazioni)
   and by the research project Logical Methods of Information Management.

Themes of the Project (non-exclusive)

      Proof Theory, Type Theory and Constructive Set Theory
      Constructive Topology and Analysis
      Homotopy Type Theory
      Categorical Logic
      Programming Languages for Correct by Construction Programming
      Correct by Construction Programs over Continuous Data
      Correct by Construction Programs with Limited Resources

Keynote Speakers (preliminary list)

      Marco Benini (University of Insubria)
      Hannes Diener (University of Siegen/University of Canterbury)
      Neil Ghani (University of Strathclyde)
      Hajime Ishihara (JAIST, Japan)
      Gyesik Lee (HNU, Korea)
      Maria Emilia Maietti (University of Padua)
      Eugenio Moggi (University of Genoa)
      Mizuhito Ogawa (JAIST, Japan)
      Erik Palmgren (Stockholm University)
      John Stell (University of Leeds)
      Michael Rathjen (University of Leeds)
      Giuseppe Rosolini (University of Genoa)
      Giovanni Sambin (University of Padua)
      Helmut Schwichtenberg (University of Munich)
      Monika Seisenberger (Swansea University)
      Dieter Spreen (University of Siegen)
      Satoshi Tojo (JAIST, Japan)
      Hideki Tsuiki (Kyoto University)

Contributed Talks

      Abstracts in PDF, at most one page including references, can only be submitted via:


      In addition to contributions from members of the project sites, there will
      also be room for a few contributions by people from outside the project.

Important Deadlines

     13 February 2014  Abstracts of Contributed Papers
     20 February 2014  Notification of Acceptance
     27 February 2014  Early Registration: Reduced Fee
     13 March 2014     Registration Closed

   More details, including information about registration, travel and
   accommodation, are or will be available on the project web page:



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