[FOM] Set theory PhD student position in Bristol

AD Brooke-Taylor a.brooke-taylor at bristol.ac.uk
Mon Jan 13 11:28:19 EST 2014

Preliminary Announcement

There is the possibility of a doctoral student position in the School
of Mathematics of the University of Bristol, for a student to work
with Dr Andrew Brooke-Taylor and Professor Philip Welch on the
EPSRC-funded project "Bringing set theory and algebraic topology
together".  This project seeks to develop applications of set
theoretic tools and techniques to algebraic topology, including a
descriptive set-theoretic analysis of invariants from algebraic
topology, and the use of large cardinal axioms to resolve questions in
homotopy theory.  The ideal candidate will have a solid background in
set theory, category theory and algebraic topology.

Interested candidates should contact Dr Brooke-Taylor at
a.brooke-taylor at bristol.ac.uk as soon as possible.  Start date to be
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