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The article makes comparisons to missionaries and Scientologists which are
very revealing. Those religions coerce people to enter or to stay. The
"cult of non-Riemannian hypersquares" is difficult to get into and people
who work hard to stay inside still have to leave due to lack of funding.
This difference is fundamental. It is precisely the reason why
mathematicians don't have to defend their positions as much as missionaries

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          I would be very interested in FOMers' reactions to a short essay
by Phillip J. David and Reuben Hersh entitled "The Ideal Mathematician".
I have been able to find the article in its entirety in a .pdf file
accessible on the web, but pdfs are not permissible in this forum.  Below
is a URL, which contains about half the essay, which in its entirety is 8
pages long, taken from their book _The Mathematical Experience_.)  To read
the rest of the article, look for a pdf of it.



Charlie Silver

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