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 I have a new paper on Concrete Mathematical Incompleteness that focuses on
polished Pi01 incompleteness in the region of SRP and HUGE. There is quite
a bit of extra material, and in this paper, submitted for publication, the
proofs are restricted to proofs using the SRP hierarchy of the simplest
statements of the form "every order invariant relation (graph) has an R
invariant root (clique)", for various natural relations R. Also there is a
new level of explicitly Pi01 form. There is a reasonably polished form of
the design of actual computer investigations that can confirm or refute the
consistency of large cardinals.

I am in a forced migration of my website, and so this pdf file is not going
to be on my website for a week or so. Impatient parties are welcome to
email me privately for a pdf version.

Harvey M. Friedman

Harvey M. Friedman*
Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics, Philosophy, and Computer
Science, Emeritus
Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio 43235

January 5, 2014

*This research was partially supported by an Ohio State University
Presidential Research Grant and by the John Templeton Foundation grant ID
#36297. The opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not
necessarily reflect the views of the John Templeton Foundation.

Abstract. We present new examples of discrete mathematical statements that
can be proved from large cardinal hypotheses but not within the usual ZFC
axioms for mathematics (assuming ZFC is consistent). These new statements
are provably equivalent to P01 sentences (purely universal statements,
logically analogous to Fermat's Last Theorem) - in particular provably
equivalent to the consistency of strong set theories, including one that is
in explicitly P01 form. The examples live in the rational numbers, with
only order, where the nonnegative integers are distinguished elements. The
statements take the general form: every order invariant W contained in Q^2k
has a maximal S contained in Q^k such that S^2 contained in W, with an
invariance condition. Certain statements of this form are shown to be
provably equivalent to the widely believed Con(SRP), and hence unprovable
in ZFC (assuming ZFC is consistent). Modifications are made, involving a
simple cross section condition, which propels the statement beyond the huge
cardinal hierarchy, to attain equivalence with Con(HUGE). We also present
some nondeterministic constructions of infinite and finite length with some
of the same metamathematical properties. These lead to practical computer
investigations designed to provide arguable confirmation of Con(ZFC) and


1. Introduction
2. Preliminaries.
     2.1. Invariance.
     2.2. Order invariance.
     2.3. N/order invariance.
     2.4. Restricted shifts.
     2.5. (Q,N,+,<).
     2.6. Graphs.
3. Invariant maximal roots and cliques.
     3.1. Maximal roots and cliques in Q^k.
     3.2. Maximal roots and cliques in J^k.
     3.3. Step maximal roots and cliques in Q^k.
     3.4. Inductively maximal cliques in Q^k.
4. N tail equivalence is maximum.
5. Finite inductively sequential cliques.
6. Inductively maximal cliques in Q^<=k.
7. Templates.
8. Computer investigations.
     8.1. Infinite and finite length constructions.
     8.2. Computational aspects.
9. Proofs of invariant maximality.
     9.1. The stationary Ramsey property.
     9.2. Invariant Step Maximal Roots (Nteq).
10. Appendix - formal systems used.
11. References.


I use http://www.math.ohio-state.edu/~friedman/ for downloadable
manuscripts. This is the 519th in a series of self contained numbered
postings to FOM covering a wide range of topics in f.o.m. The list of
previous numbered postings #1-449 can be found
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Harvey M. Friedman
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