[FOM] An attempt of a constructive proof for Takeuti Conjecture

Sandro Skansi skansi.sandro at gmail.com
Tue Feb 25 17:55:24 EST 2014

Dear FOM-ers,

In 1953, Gaisi Takeuti posed the question of the eliminability of cuts for
full second order logic, and this was proven non-constructively by Tait in
1966 and independently by Prawitz 1967. The idea of possible
impredicativity suggested that a constructive proof was out of reach, but
this might be still possible in my opnion. An attempt to make a
constructive proof of cut elimination for full second order logic available
at http://www.logic101.net/upload/4296/documents/Article%20SO%20Skansi.pdf.
I would greatly appreciate your feedback and comments!

Best regards,

Sandro Skansi
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