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---Apologies for Multiple Postings----

Middlesex University London is offering a number of fully funded PhD
research studentships across the university:


These are three-year scholarships, covering UK/EU fees and offering a
maintenance award. For 2013/14 the maintenance award is £13,863, which
includes London weighting, and is free of tax and national insurance
Non-EU students will be required to cover the difference between the UK/EU
and  International students fee. The difference currently is £5968.

The research topics include areas that might be of interest to members of
this list. A full list of projects for Computer Science can be found at


The Foundations of Computing group, part of the School of Science and
Technology, is keen to support qualified candidates who are interested
in applying. In particular, we welcome proposals on the following topics:

- Verification of Secure Weighted Doxastic Reasoning with Trust

- Formal Verification of Quantum Protocols

- Analysis techniques for safety-critical interactive systems: theory and

Proposals that maybe of interest to members of the Foundations Group, but
not listed above are also welcome.

Interested candidates should contact one of the group members (names and
addresses are listed in the different projects) informally to discuss a
possible project (candidates are asked to submit a personal research
statement as part of their application). Successful candidates will be
through a university-wide process.

More information about the Foundations Group can be found at:


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