[FOM] CFP: Symposium on the Foundations of Mathematics, Kurt Gödel Research Center, University of Vienna.

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*CFP: Symposium on the Foundations of Mathematics, Kurt G**ödel Research
Center, University of Vienna.*

 Set theory is taken to serve as a foundation for mathematics. But it is
well-known that there are set-theoretic statements that cannot be settled
by the standard axioms of set theory. The Zermelo-Fraenkel axioms, with the
Axiom of Choice (ZFC), are incomplete. The primary goal of this symposium
is to explore the different approaches that one can take to the phenomenon
of incompleteness.

One option is to maintain the traditional "universe" view and hold that
there is a single, objective, determinate domain of sets. Accordingly,
there is a single correct conception of set, and mathematical statements
have a determinate meaning and truth-value according to this conception. We
should therefore seek new axioms of set theory to extend the ZFC axioms and
minimize incompleteness. It is then crucial to determine what justifies
some new axioms over others.

Alternatively, one can argue that there are multiple conceptions of set,
depending on how one settles particular undecided statements. These
different conceptions give rise to parallel set-theoretic universes,
collectively known as the "multiverse". What mathematical statements are
true can then shift from one universe to the next. From within the
multiverse view, however, one could argue that some universes are more
preferable than others.

These different approaches to incompleteness have wider consequences for
the concepts of meaning and truth in mathematics and beyond. The conference
will address these foundational issues at the intersection of philosophy
and mathematics. The primary goal of the conference is to showcase
contemporary philosophical research on different approaches to the
incompleteness phenomenon.

To accomplish this, the conference has the following general aims and


   To bring to a wider philosophical audience the different approaches that
   one can take to the set-theoretic foundations of mathematics.

   To elucidate the pressing issues of meaning and truth that turn on these
   different approaches.

   To address philosophical questions concerning the need for a foundation
   of mathematics, and whether or not set theory can provide the necessary

 *Date and Venue: *7-8 July 2014 - Kurt Gödel Research Center, Vienna

*Confirmed Speakers:*

Sy-David Friedman (*Kurt Gödel Research Center for Mathematical Logic*),

Hannes Leitgeb (*Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy*)

*Call for Papers: *We welcome submissions from scholars (in particular,
young scholars, i.e. early career researchers or post-graduate students) on
any area of the foundations of mathematics (broadly construed).
Particularly desired are submissions that address the role of set theory in
the foundations of mathematics, or the foundations of set theory
(universe/multiverse dichotomy, new axioms, etc.) and related ontological
and epistemological issues. Applicants should prepare an extended abstract
(maximum 1'500 words) for blind review, and send it to sotfom [at] gmail
[dot] com. The successful applicants will be invited to give a talk at the
conference and will be refunded the cost of accommodation in Vienna for two
days (7-8 July).

*Submission Deadline: *31 March 2014

 *Notification of Acceptance:* 30 April 2014

 *Scientific Committee: *Philip Welch (*University of Bristol*), Sy-David
Friedman (*Kurt Gödel Research Center*), Ian Rumfitt (*University of
Birmigham*), John Wigglesworth (*London School of Economics*), Claudio
Ternullo (*Kurt Gödel Research Center*), Neil Barton (*Birkbeck College*),
Chris Scambler (*Birkbeck College*), Jonathan Payne (*Institute of
Philosophy*), Andrea Sereni (*Università Vita-Salute S. Raffaele*), Giorgio
Venturi (*Université de Paris VII, "Denis Diderot" - Scuola Normale

 *Organisers:* Sy-David Friedman (*Kurt Gödel Research Center*), John
Wigglesworth (*London School of Economics*), Claudio Ternullo (*Kurt Gödel
Research Center*), Neil Barton (*Birkbeck College*), Carolin Antos (*Kurt
Gödel Research Center*)

 *Conference Website:* sotfom [dot] wordpress [dot] com

 *Further Inquiries: *please contact

 Claudio Ternullo (ternulc7 [at] univie [dot] ac [dot] at<ternulc7 at univie.ac.at>

 Neil Barton (bartonna [at] gmail [dot] com <bartonna at gmail.com>)

 John Wigglesworth (jmwigglesworth [at] gmail [dot]
com<jmwigglesworth at gmail.com>
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