[FOM] Sendai Logic School, co-located with CTFM 2014

Stephen G Simpson simpson at math.psu.edu
Thu Feb 6 12:25:28 EST 2014

As previously noted, the 2014 Computability Theory and Foundations of
Mathematics conference will be on February 17-20 at the Tokyo
Institute of Technology, http://www.jaist.ac.jp/CTFM/CTFM2014/.

The next day after CTFM 2014, February 20, there will be a co-located
Sendai Logic School intended for graduate students in mathematical
logic.  The emphasis will be on reverse mathematics.  There will be
lectures by Keng Meng Ng (Nanyang Technological University), Paul
Shafer (University of Ghent), Stephen G. Simpson (Pennsylvania State
University) and Wei Wang (Sun Yat-Sen University), followed by an
informal problem session and a dinner party at a Japanese restaurant.
Preregistration for the Logic School is not required, but there is a
February 10 deadline to preregister for the dinner party.  More
information is available at

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