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Dear Martin,

My previous ore to you about the SLS 2015 school needed a few small edits:

The Scandinavian Logic Society is very pleased to announce the next  
summer school in logic, taking place July 27-31 in Helsinki this  
summer of 2015. Notice that the school takes place exactly the week  
before both the ASL European Summer Meeting and the LMPS, both of  
which are being held in Helsinki the week starting August 3rd.


Course are offered by a very distinguished group of lecturers:

Samson Abramsky (Oxford)
Jeremy Avigad (Carnegie Mellon)
Laura Fontanella (Hebrew University)
Curtis Franks (Notre Dame)
Åsa Hirvonen (Helsinki)
Nicole Schweikardt (Berlin)
Moshe Vardi (Rice University)

in: Automata-Theoretic Verification (Moshe Y. Vardi), Logic and  
Quantum Information (Samson Abramsky), Reflection principles and Large  
Cardinals (Laura Fontanella), Proof Theory and Proof Mining (Jeremy  
Avigad), Stability Theory (Asa Hirvonen), Philosophy of Mathematics  
(Curtis Franks) and a course by the excellent Nicole Schweikardt (as  
yet TBA).

There may be funds for students. Also: note the inexpensive registration fee.

Contact person: Juliette Kennedy

Spread the word! And also, join the Scandinavian Logic Society! (You  
don't have to be from Scandinavia to join.)

Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies
Fabianinkatu 24 (P.O. Box 4)
00014 University of Helsinki


Department of Mathematics and Statistics
P.O. Box 68 (Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2b)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland
tel. (+358-9)-191-51446, fax (+358-9)-191-51400

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