[FOM] Logic and Philosophy of Science Seminars, University of Palermo, Italy

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Thu Sep 26 16:10:07 EDT 2013

Logic and Philosophy of Science Seminars
I semester  2013/2014

Department of Humane Sciences
University of Palermo

Convener: Gianluigi Oliveri
University di Palermo
gianluigi.oliveri at unipa.it

>From 17.00 to 19.00,  Aula Seminari, IV Piano
Faculty of Scienze della Formazione (Build. 15)
Viale delle Scienze
90128 Palermo

2 October 2013
`Some observations on complexity'
Bernardo Spagnolo
University of Palermo

9 October 2013
Scientific paradigms, scientists and mass-media.
'On the sociology of knowledge.'
Antonino D'Aì
University of Palermo

16 October 2013
'Analytic judgments according to Kant and to Bolzano'
Gianni Rigamonti
University di Palermo

23 October 2013
'Biology and the language of metaphors'
Valentino Romano
University of Palermo

30 October 2013
`Downward causality: which and how many they are'
Francesco La Mantia
University di Palermo

6 November 2013
`Search engines: a comparison between the semantic and the lexical approaches'
Giovanni Pilato
ICAR -- CNR Palermo

13 November 2013
`Talking to artificial agents'
Agnese Augello
ICAR -- CNR Palermo

20 November 2013
`The role of Conceptual Spaces in visual and musical perception'
Antonio Chella
University of Palermo

27 November 2013
`Clifford algebras and Ockham's rasor'
Giorgio Vassallo
University of Palermo

4 December 2013
`Time in physics and experiential time.
Einstein, Boltzmann and common sense on time.'
Vincenzo Teresi
University of Palermo

11 December 2013
`The existence of the Gods: how the  paradox of the twins and the Copernican
principle provide a ``relativistic solution'' to Fermi's paradox  (``Where is
Luciano Burderi
University of Cagliari

18 December 2013
`On some recent developments in the theory of algorithms'
Antonio Restivo
University of Palermo

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